Keeping it simple.

Yesterday I, Line had some friends over for lunch, and I wanted to keep it simple and kind of colourfull like springtime, which STILL hasn’t hit Denmark….

Quinoa salad.

100 g of quinoa, boiled as instructed on the box/bag.

a bunch of your favorite veggies, (I used what I had, about ten asparagus, 2 red peppers, 2 carrots and 10 spring onions)

1 finely chopped red onion

a handfull of olives.


juice from a lemon

olive oil

agave syrup

salt, peper and garlic

After boiling the qunioa, mix the dressing and pour it over the grains while they are still warm, that way it sort of gets into the quinoa. Mix in the chopped red onion. Slice the veggies that need slicing and grill the on a grill pan, to get those charred black lines. When all have been grilled cut them into the size you prefer and mix them with the quinoa and dressing. Finaly throw in the olives and you’re done…. It was really good, simple and colourful, see:




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