Vegan Cottage cheese

Well, we have been very quiet for about a year now, but I think we are back on track, now living in a big ol’ farm house way out in the countryside, the two of us with five very good friends…. loving it.

Living among fields and (very industrialized) farmers is inspirational, mostly because it makes you think “this can be done better, friendlier, healthier and dare we say way tastier…”

We have been getting in to cheesemaking, after purchasing Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyko Schinner, great book. We are making rejuvelac and airdrying brie, as we write 🙂

But this post is not about Artisan Vegan Cheese this is just the simplest recipe for a nice vegan cottage cheese we think is as good as we remember the cows milk based stuff to be.


500g of tofu

1/2 dl of soy youghurt, unsweetened and natural

1/2 dl of soy cream, the savory kind

lemon juice

salt and pepper.

In a bowl you mix the cream and yoghurt with as much salt, pepper and lemon juice as you think it needs to taste awesome. Crumble in the tofu or dice it into tiny little cubes and add that to the bowl, with a spoon mix the two things and viola! you have this:ImageImage


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