Cashew Brie….YUM!

As I, Line mentioned in an earlier post, we have been experimenting with making Miyoko Shinner‘s artisan vegan cheeses (from her awesome cookbook

What I have been working on, and finished quite a while ago is the brie. It is really, really good…. If I can do it you can too, it’s not that hard πŸ™‚


Vegan brie

Prep: 9 minutes
Soak: 3 hours
Cook: 7 minutes
Rest: 2 days, 16 hours
Servings: about 16, one 6-inch round

1 cup raw cashews, soaked in water for 3 hours, drained
1 cup water
Β½ cup plain unsweetened soy yogurt
Β½ cup refined coconut oil
1 teaspoon nutritional yeast
1 ΒΌ teaspoons sea salt
2 tablespoons tapioca flour or starch
1 teaspoon agar agar powder or flakes

1. Combine cashews, water, yogurt, coconut oil, nutritional yeast and 1 teaspoon salt in a blender; process until smooth. Transfer mixture into a large bowl, cover with a towel. Let sit at room temperature, 24-36 hours.

2. Pour mixture into a medium saucepan. Whisk in tapioca flour and agar; heat over medium heat, stirring frequently. Cook until mixture is thick and pulls away from the side of the pan, about 5 minutes.

3. Line a 6-inch cake pan with cheesecloth; pour in hot cheese mixture. Spread mixture evenly; cover with cheesecloth. Let cool in refrigerator until firm, 4 hours. The inside will still be very soft.

4. Remove cheesecloth. Wet hands; sprinkle them with remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt. Rub wet salt over cheese. Place cheese on a wire rack; let sit in a cool corner, 24 hours. Flip cheese over; let rest until it appears dry, 12 hours. Wrap in wax paper; store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks. For longer storage, freeze in a sealed plastic bag.

I have made to rounds, and in the second batch I substituted the water for some rejuvilac (it’s an important ingredient in many of Miyoko’s cheese recipes, you’ll learn alot more about it once you buy the book… Go on! You know you want it)

It takes a few days, but believe me, it’s worth it. It’s so creamy and feels as unhealthy as real brie, except it pretty surely isn’t… A good day to be vegan πŸ™‚


I feel like such a newbie…

Hi, Line here..

Know how sometimes you just make something really perfect, and because you didn’t expect it to be you didn’t write anything down…? I made a cheesecake a couple weeks ago, and it was AMAZING, only I’ m not sure how I did it. It was cashew based, and tasted wonderful, so I’m going to share the picture anyway, and hopefully I’ll get it right again and write everything down πŸ™‚