Lemon-Lime Granité

This is a great little refresher to put in between two dishes if you’re going posh with your dinner plans 🙂

4 dl water
1 dl sugar
1 dl lemon+lime juice (fresly squeezed)
The peel of 1 organic lemon
1 handful of chopped mint leaves
1 tsb beet root juice (it’s only for the colour, so it’s optional)

– Boil water and sugar until the sugar is fully melted

– Take the sugar water of the heat and mix in all the other ingredients

– Leave it to cool off and put it in the freezer

– Stir it once an hour for the first two hours

– Then stir it every half hour for about two more hours until it has a nice fluffy consistency (alternatively you can freeze the whole thing and scrabe the ice crystals of with a fork into a glass)

Serve in a cocktail glass, and top with lemon peel and mint… Posh! 😉


Vegan fried ravioli

This is an older recipe of ours. We love Italian food, and before we found vegan dumpling pastry sheets in our local asian food market, we used spring roll pastry to make ravioli and fried it. A bit unorthodocs, we know, but try it, it’s really tasty:

What you’ll need for a first course for 4 people or a big main dish for two is:

10 sheets of spring roll pastry the 20cmx20cm kind you get in asian food shops.
500 g frozen whole spinach leaves (defrossen and completely drained)
1 dl soy cream (the savory kind of course)
1 chopped onion
2 cloths of chopped garlic
1/2 tsp nutmeg
salt, peber and oil for frying

Cut the spring roll sheets into 4 pieces each. Put them in a pile under a damp towel.

Fry the garlic and onion slowly, leaving it to get soft and “transparent” , without getting colour.

Add the nutmeg and spinach, fry for a couple of minutes adding the cream to make a thick creamy filling for the ravioli.

taste and season with salt, peper, chili if you like it spicy, but keep it sort of mellow in the flavour, it suits the dish better.

All right, then to the asembly line 🙂 Take one of your little spring roll squres and put about a tbls of filling on it leaving quite a bit of the egde clear. Then take another square, and with your fingers put water on one of the sides. Then place the wet side down on top a the filling alligning it with the bottom square. gently press the sides together and ta taaaad! You have your first ready-to-fry-ravioli. Keep up the good work until you have 20 in total. Fry the squares on a hot pan (dont be stingy with the oil, they get this lovely cripyness if you grease them up well 🙂

You can easily keep the ones you have allready fried in the oven on low heat while you fri the rest, they’ll stay crispy.

Serve with some rocket (rucola) salad, fresly ground peper and some basil leaves…. Yummy!