Papaya Salad (thai style)

This weekend we were taking a trip down memory lane, to when we travelled South East Asia last year.You can get loads of vegetarian/vegan food there, but my God do they love their fish sauce?

We tried making our own fish sauce, it was a quick attempt that will probably need some further ajustment.

Papaya salad tastes great, it has this bitter-sweet-salty-spicy combo that will surprise your tastebuds 🙂


Here’s what we did:

1 big green papaya (meaning hard and unripe, you’ll find them in most asian supermarkets)

a handfull of green beans (we used peas, as you can see on the photo, but beans is the right thing for this)

2 carrots

Juice of 4-5 limes

1 thai (very spicy) chili

8 cloves of garlic

12 cherry tomatoes cut in half

6 tbls mushroom soy sauce (regular will do aswell)

1 sheet of nori seaweed (other types will surely work aswell)

3 tbls of sugar melted in a tsp of water to make a syrup

1 handfull of chopped salted peanuts or cashews


First you make the “fishsauce” by heating up the mushroom soy, when it boils remove it from the heat and crumble the seaweed into it. Leave that for a while. If you have a julienne grater use that otherwise just you regular grater and finely grate the papaya and carrot. Smash your garlic cloves and put them in a bowl with the beans and chili, using either a morter or the end of a wine bottle pound a bit on the beans, chili and garlic to make them ready to absorb the flavour, but don’t overdo it. Then add the grated papaya and carrots giving them another light beating 😉 Then add the limejuice, sugerwater and pour the “fishsauce” through a filter (to get rid of the seaweed bits) into the bowl, add the cherry tomatoes and stir the whole thing so that everything gets a bit of the lime, “fishsauce” and sugarwater.

Serve with some peanuts and lime 🙂



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