Morning Glory

Another Thai inspired dish, that you’ll get in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia aswell with little local twists 🙂

About 20 stalks of morning glory (it’s a type of asian water spinach, I believe)

3 cloves of garlic

8 not so hot but red chilies

5 tbls of the mushroom/seaweed “fishsauce” described in the Papaya salad recipe

1/2 tsp of sugar

1/4 cup of water

about 4 tbls of oil for frying (it sounds like a lot but this need sto be a bit greasy to be good 😉

This is REALLY easy. Rinse and rip the leaves of the morning glory stalks and break the stalks into 5 cm pieces. Cut each clove of garlic into 3-4 piece. Make sure the oil and pan and VERY hot, almost smoking, then add the garlic and let it fry for about. Add the morning glory and chili and fry for another minute, but not longer, or it will get kind of bittter. Finally ad the “fishsauce”, sugar and water and stir the whole thing for 30 sec.

Serve with rice and peanuts..


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